About me

Past and Present Info

Steven Folek

Principal Security Analyst @ Oracle
Current focus: Digital Forensics (Cloud) | Malware Analysis | Reverse Engineering
Other skills:

  • Automation
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Incident Response

Python is my language of choice for development. I use it regularly to automate mundane tasks and analysis (great for data processing). The modularity is efficient too for working on larger projects.
Some projects may appear on my Github when I feel they are up to scratch!

Worked alongside Dr Owen Lo as part of a summer internship (2016) on his research project; Practical side-channel attacks on embedded device cryptography.

The work focussed on attacks based on monitoring the power consumption of a device. In particular, the aim was to present the findings on performing power analysis attacks against the AES-128 algorithm by monitoring the power consumption of a microcontroller (Arduino Uno) while cryptographic operations take place.

My primary contribution was establishing an efficient method of parsing the power analysis output for both attack methods discussed (CPA, DPA), in order to recover the 16-byte cipher key. A presentation of the overall work, including the usage of my Python Script for obtaining the cipher key can be seen on YouTube.

Obtained a First Class Honours Degree (BEng) in Computer Security and Forensics from Edinburgh Napier University (supervised by the brilliant Bill Buchanan OBE). My honours project involved the creation of Ransomware Analysis and Detection Systems with a focus on portability.

I'm a big fan of self learning and continued development. When time allows, I actively participate on sites such as CyberDefenders and HackTheBox.
I also dabble in learning Russian (Duolingo is fantastic!)

Feel free to reach out using any of the links below. It's always great to connect with new people so don't hesitate to send a message!