Huntress CTF 2023

Writeup links grouped by category


For Cyber Security Awareness Month, the team at Huntress ran a CTF through the month of October with new challenges released daily. Over time, the challenges would also increase in difficulty (depending on your skillset and Google-fu!).

I’m happy to report that I managed to complete 100% of the challenges; finishing in 36th place overall and according to RickAstley (BOT), I also made 10th in terms of single person teams!


In the links below I’ll be providing my solutions to the challenges which are grouped together by category. Other content and solutions for the CTF can be found on social media (X, LinkedIn at least) by searching #HuntressCTF.

Another great aspect of competitions like this is meeting new people (albeit online). I’ve spoken to some fab people during this CTF and made some new friends along the way - special shoutout to CTF Buddies who have welcomed me into their group. I look forward to joining them in future CTF’s!